BEAUTY OF RUSSIA International exhibition-competition of contemporary art


Create your own unique image of Russia!

Exhibition dates: May 12-18, 2024
Registration deadline: 9 May, 2024
Exhibition address:
The Center for Contemporary Arts and
the Art Commune Gallery in the Kievsky
Shopping Mall, 2 Kievskaya str., Kievsky Shopping Mall, Moscow

The theme of the exhibition – "The winter beauty of Russia" – is the artistic images of the New Year's Eve in different regions of the country.
Russia is a unique state that unites on its vast territory many cultures of various ethnic groups with a rich heritage of traditions and rituals. But there are holidays, such as New Year's Eve, which the whole country celebrates at the same time. And in every region, people expect a miracle, decorate a Christmas tree, hide gifts for relatives and friends under it and make cherished wishes. 
In our multinational country, the New Year is the same for everyone, but the traditions of celebrating the New Year are different for each culture, according to ethnic characteristics. And that's exactly what our New Year's Russia project is about - how this holiday is celebrated in different regions. What color, ornamental and musical shades it acquires, what kind of rituals or rituals are popular before it. 
This exhibition is a picturesque story about the geographical diversity of the winter landscapes of Russia, with still lifes of New Year's attributes and compositional plots on a festive theme, where all the works are made in the ethnic style of their region. This is an artistic presentation of the idea of unity and diversity of one of the most beloved holidays by Russians – New Year.


Nature of Russia

1) Winter landscapes
2) Animals in winter
3) The beauty of natural phenomena
4) Nature and man
5) Illustrations

Architecture of Russia

1) Urban architecture
2) Spiritual architecture
3) Home comfort
4) The city and the people
5) Illustrations

The Peoples of Russia

1) Portraits
2) Plots
3) Legends and esotericism
4) Greatness and heroism
5) Illustrations

Holidays in Russia

1) Festive mood
2) Festive still life
3) Dancing and festivities
4) Illustrations